About Us

Intresting facts about us:

● Every map is hand made by our specialists

● Woodworking is our passion

● We are based in little country called Lithuania

● The wooden map idea was born because of love for traveling around the world

The long story...

Hello! Welcome to YourWoodenMap online store, where quality wood turns into impressive and unique handicrafts. My name is Dominykas and I would like to tell you a story about how an idea of opening my own workshop was born and brought to life. Since I was a child, I have always been a curious, diligent and crafty boy, who was fond of various handicrafts. I enjoyed putting my hands on new, intriguing craftwork, which led me to gaining a lot of useful skills. Even though, while creating goods from scratch, I worked with many different materials, since the very beginning of my craftsman journey I always knew – wood is my favourite. It is the best smelling, pleasant to touch and easy to process material, which has the most beautiful and outstanding patterns. The love for timber, creativity and a map hanging on my room wall, right next to a wooden cabinet planted an idea to combine these things and I ended up buying an amazing wooden world map. That marvelous, perfected to detail craftwork deeply inspired me and from that on I knew it was a sign – being a craftsman is my vocation. Soon I have opened my wooden production shop and now I am happy to finally share my work with all of you. If you have any questions or other inquiries, do not hesitate and contact us, I will be more than happy to answer it all. Swing by our online store and order a wooden miracle, which will delight your eyes and warm your heart.

With love and respect,


Why choose us?

great quality
Best Quality

Event the smallest details will be cut perfectly

worldwide shipping
Worldwide shipping

It doesn’t matter where you live, we ship everywhere!

eco friendly
Eco friendly

All our products are 100% eco friendly

easy to instal
Easy to install

Map installation will be easy and fun process

Perfect gift
Perfect gift

Surprise your friends and family with perfect gift


We can make what you want!

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